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Our Firm’s extensive experience in pursuing cases will work to your advantage. We are well versed in all areas of the insurance issues in UAE. Our Scope of Service Involves issues such as personal injuries, property damage, compensation, motors, life and disability insurance, environmental and coverage claims.

Our insurance law practice includes:-

  • Motor Claims Litigation Services
  • New Market Insurance Licensing Services
  • Life Insurance Litigation and Arbitration Services
  • Marine Insurance Litigation and Arbitration Services
  • General Insurance Litigation and Arbitration Services
  • Legal and Regulatory Advice for Life Insurance
  • Legal and Regulatory Advice for Marine Insurance (including marine and non-marine classes)
  • Legal & Regulatory Advice for Coverage Issues, Fire & Property Losses; Occupier’s Liability
  • Legal & Regulatory Advice for Personal Injury; Compensation Cases
  • Legal and Regulatory Advice for General Insurance.

Our aim is to provide legal services at the highest professional level, capable rendering effective solutions. We will perform the legal services mentioned above, keep you informed of progress and developments and respond promptly to your inquiries and communication.

Energy Laws (Oil & Gas)

Specializing in Energy law, ADEL BIN MOHAMED AL QASEMI ADVOCATES & LEGAL CONSULTANTS advises clients on all legal matters pertaining to the oil & gas sector. As we have experience in the oil & gas industry in the region, we are capable of providing our clients thorough legal consultancy. Our consultants understand the importance of the specific language in oil & gas affairs in the Middle East and North Africa and this is why our legal work is performed in both English and Arabic.

Banking & Finance Law

As one of the well known law firms in the UAE, we have developed considerable expertise in handling cases and advising on all areas of finance law. We provide extensive legal services on banking & finance matters; property financing, loan agreements, Islamic banking, and legal representations on banking related disputes before the central bank, courts, and arbitration centers.

Corporate & Commercial Law

We provide comprehensive services based on in-depth knowledge of general fields of law, and thus attending to the requirements of national and international clients on matters relating to implementation of contracts, execution of court judgments, partnerships, mergers & acquisitions, trading, and all issues relating to commercial transactions & delineation of private rights and remedies.

Criminal Law

We provide consultation and representation services relating to use and abuse of narcotics & alcohol, bounced cheques, murder, theft, swindling, threats, and all other actions of criminal nature before the public prosecution and courts in the UAE.

Intellectual Property

We provide (IP) registration services before the concerned ministries and governmental bodies. We also provide advice towards (IP) infringement and provide clients with pre-litigation and litigation services.

Rental and Tenancy Disputes

We provide legal advice and representation services before rents committees and courts in the UAE until issuance of a ruling.

Labour Law

Employment is somehow considered as a personal property and a valuable asset to anyone. Thus, providing the fair legal advice and efficient service has been our objective in handling labor cases. We specialize in all fields of cases involving employment and labor law and our services include:

  • Employment contract preparation and interpretation.
  • Disputes involving infringement of employer and employee's rights provided by the labour law.
  • Wage, salary and overtime issues.
  • Dismissal and suspension of employees.
  • Allegation of wrongful termination.
  • Employment policies / employee’s workplace policies.
  • Employment Discrimination.

Family Law

We provide counsel and representation services relating to all personal matters before competent authorities and courts. Our family law advocates are ready to assist you over a wide range of issues, including but not limited to divorce, child custody, domestic violence, alimony claims, inheritance, and wills.

Property Disputes

We take pride in waving the banner of being a recognized law firm in the UAE that excels and has high and remarkable success rate in handling property disputes. Our team takes a practical and proactive approach in dealing with property cases. The fact that our firm pioneered in filing the first property case in Dubai Courts in which we have obtained a favorable judgment is of great significance.

Our services include:

  • Provide legal opinion, advice and general consultation about all facets of transactions pertaining to real estate.
  • Conduct a careful scrutiny of the contract to advice clients that before deciding to institute a lawsuit, all the legal and contractual obligations provided in the Sale Purchase Agreement/ Contracts of Sale are being fulfilled and satisfied.
  • Legal assistance to the investors who suffered losses, or damages as a result of breach of contracts by erring and defaulting developers.
  • Legal services on property dispute resolution and represent clients before court s, local arbitration centers and international arbitration centers through our Associates.
  • Criminal cases arising from property and real estate disputes.
  • Assisting clients in reviewing residential and commercial leases and other types of real estate transactions.
  • Legislative and regulatory issues pertaining to property.
  • Joint ventures, land acquisition and development.

Traffic & Transportation Law

We provide advice and representation services on all matters relating to traffic violations and offences before the competent authorities including public prosecutions and courts.

Maritime Dispute

ADEL BIN MOHAMED AL QASEMI ADVOCATES & LEGAL CONSULTANTS has proven experience that caters all kinds of maritime disputes arising out of breach of contractual obligations. As Court Advocates and Legal Consultants, we handle complex transportation disputes involving trade and shipping and we have vast knowledge and understanding of all the aspects of trade, shipping and maritime laws.

Our services includes:

  • Charter Party Disputes
  • Cargo Claims
  • Bills for Lading and other documentary claims and disputes
  • Collisions, Salvage
  • Sales of Goods and Letter of Credit Disputes
  • Brokerage Claims

Debt Collection

We provide debt collection services through application of effective pressure tools and procedures available to us through law.


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